Logical Systems offers a full range of implementation and support services, either directly to the end-user through on-site service contracts or via one of our in-house support technicians. These services ensure that:

We understand your requirements completely.
Your computer system is customised according to your needs.
Your internal administrators are guided on how to assist us in ensuring upgrades and maintenance are as rapid and as smooth as possible.
Your users are trained in the use of the operating system upgrades, as well as in new products in general.
Your questions/technical problems and issues are answered/resolved as quickly as possible.
Your users receive regular updates on new features and enhancements as well as tips and tricks on both Apple products and all your other computer hardware and software systems.
With over 80 years of collective experience in among our direct staff, we believe we can add value to your organisation in these areas. We offer the following services:

Customer Care: Our Customer Care account managers respond to your non-technical day-to-day queries and questions.
Product Maintenance: Our Service Management Team provides speedy repair and maintenance for your products to reduce down time in the event of product failures or damage. We can also access rentals or loan products to keep your business functioning.
Technical Support: Our Technical Services Team ensures you get the resolutions you need to optimise and regularly upgrade products installed in your system to ensure you stay on the cutting edge of technology..
Professional Services: Our Professional Services Team offers the full spectrum of implementation services to deliver the solution you expect.

We cater for Apple end user, network and server implementations, providing services either on site or at our in house technical department. We have two full-time Apple certified technicians available to provide you with immediate requirements, ongoing contracts and preventative maintenance.

We have access to a huge range of Microsoft products and expertise, providing software and on site maintenance for Windows workstations and server implementations. We can custom build and maintain PCs to specification whether for home office, small business or enterprise.

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